Walnut Run Farm
284 Walnut Road • Honey Brook, PA 19344
Walnut Run Farm is a family farm located in Honeybrook, Chester County, Pennsylvania. We offer our many high-quality food products at local farms and markets. We love offering healthy foods that are produced right on the farm. Offerings will change with the seasons so visit us often!

Buy our delicious products
Walnut Run Farm offers its beef, pork, poultry, and baked goods at our farm in Honey Brook, PA, and at venues near you. Arrange payment for your order, pick it up, and take it home!
To place an online order, click or tap on "Shop" next to the event where you will pick up your order. The order process is quick and easy!
  • Select the quantities of the items you wish to purchase.
  • Click on "Save Order" (changes can be made until you confirm the order).
  • Enter a few personal details, or log in if you are a returning customer.
  • Confirm your order.
You may pay for your order by cash or check at the pick up location. If your credit card information is on file with us, credit card payment will be processed manually on the day of delivery.
Note that the cost is approximate, as it may depend on the actual quantity of items ordered by the pound.
Please read the additional important information below.
Walnut Run Farm Business Policy
There is a $5.00 handling / shipping fee for all orders below $30.00.
If ever a customer buys a product from our farm that is unacceptable at the time of purchase, we will either replace it or refund the purchase price in full. We also have an open door policy. If ever you wish to see the farm, please let us know and we'll be happy to show you around. There are no trade secrets. We simply endeavor to make an honest living in the most natural way possible. Thank you for your patronage!
We store credit card information privately and can process payment on delivery/pick up day.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Important Notice
To purchase raw milk and raw dairy products, it is necessary to become a member of Walnut Run Farm. There is a one-time membership fee of $25.00, and you must agree to be bound by our membership agreement. Contact us if you are unsure of your membership status.
Our Bakery
The Bakery at Walnut Run Farm brings you the finest of baked goods. We uphold standards far beyond what is expected from most health orienated bakeries. We do everything from scratch (no store-bought dough mixes etc.) using our own devised or revised recipes. Many will find that our baked goods do not have compromised flavors just because we use more natural and organic ingredients. Instead, they give proof that it is very possible to make delicious foods with REAL ingredients and that carry a memorable taste!
Our Beef Cattle
Our beef cattle are all born and raised at Walnut Run. This allows us to be assured with our quality instead of buying in feeder cattle. They're exclusively grass-fed -no growth hormones, antibiotics, or soy.
Quarters, Halves, and Whole Beef at a Great Price
We offer the option for you to buy beef in quarters and halves, as well as a whole beef for an even better price. In this case, beef is usually sold by the hanging weight. The price for a quarter is $4.75/lb., a half is $4.65/lb., and a whole beef is $4.45/lb. plus the cost of butchering which ranges from $.70 to $1.00 a pound, depending on further processing. To place an order, contact us and we will connect you with a butcher.
Beef Bundles
There is a shortage of access to butcher's services due to COVID-19, so our beef bundles are currently unavailable. We encourage you to consider quarter, half or whole beef, which can be split between families if the quantities are too large. An 80 lb. beef bundle gives you an idea what you might get from a quarter beef. Call us!
80 lb. Beef Bundle
40 lbs. ground beef1 sirloin steak
5 lbs. beef cubes1 filet mignon
5 lbs. beef patties2 delmonica steaks
1-2 lbs. soup bones1 brisket
2 T-bone steaks2 chuck roasts
1 NY strip steak1 eye roast
1 porterhouse steak1 round/rump roast
1 flat iron steak1 sirloin roast
1 ranch steak
Save over $100 versus buying individual cuts.
40 lb. Beef Bundle
20 lbs. ground beef2 Delmonico steaks
5 lbs. beef cubes1 eye roast
2 T-bone steaks1 round/rump roast
1 NY strip steak1 sirloin tip roast
1 porterhouse steak
Save approximately 15% versus buying individual cuts.
Our Pork Products
At Walnut Run we have six mama pigs (sows) and one papa pig. They allow us to have all our pigs born and raised on the farm. We provide our pigs access to the outdoors and they love it! Fresh air, sunshine and plenty of exercise is what makes happy pigs and the best of pork!! No soy, no GMOs, & no chemicals!
We Have Pork Bundles
We offer pork bundles to give you the opporunity to buy in bulk amounts for a significant savings. Feel free to ask for negotiations with the bundle contents. You also have the chance to choose or mix & match the flavor of the sausages.
80 lb. Pork Bundle
10 lbs. bacon
15 lbs. rope sausage
10 lbs. loose sausage
10 lbs. breakfast links
10 lbs. ground pork
1 tenderloin
6 -1.5 lb. pork chops
2 - 2 lb. ham steaks
1 Boston butt
1 picnic roast
1 boneless port loin
1 shoulder roast
2 spare ribs
40 lb. Pork bundle
5 lbs. bacon
7 lbs. rope sausage
5 lbs. loose sausage
5 lbs. breakfast links
5 lbs. ground pork
1 tenderloin
3 - 1.5 lb. pork chops
1 - 2 lb. ham steak
1 Boston butt or picnic roast
1 loin roast
1 spare ribs
Half and Whole Pigs - Our Lowest Price Per Pound
We also offer the option of ordering a half or whole pig for a price advantage and it enables you to have it butchered to your specifications. The price for a whole is $3.15 and a half is $3.35 a pound. To order contact the farm and we can schedule the butcher for you.